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Mat Lions is a swimming prodigy. His sister is Ava Lions. He is 12 years old. He is a professional swimmer. Mat is a roleplayed by Trixie19.


Mat Lions is an swimming prodigy. His birthday is January 30. He has a sister (Ava Lions) that is 3 days older than him (only because Mat was adopted). His mom loves watching swimming on TV so Mat wanted to do it. He started at the age of 6. He was the fastest swimmer on the team by age 9.

Early Life

Mat has always had a ton of pets because of this sister's acting. He has 1 pet all to himself, a lizird. He has had it sience the 1st grade. The two of them have been best buds ever sience. It is not a small lizird, it's huge! He named it Joey.


Mat Lions has a ton of freckles, and dark eye brows. He has very dark brown eyes. He has brown hair and a toothy smile.