Masha Stevenson is a 12-year-old chess prodigy in the A.N.T. Farm. Her roleplayer is Miramc22.


Masha "Ash" Lucette Stevenson was born on April 2 to Garett Stevenson and Christina Stevenson in Canada. Masha moved to California when she was 15 months old. When she was very young, Ash got into her father's expensive chess sets. Garett thought that it would be fun to play a round with 2-year-old Ash, and she surprisingly beat him. He continued to play chess every day with her and he never lost a game to her. Once Masha turned 8, she was already winning Chess World Championships years in a row. The next month she was accepted into the A.N.T. Program. People were surprised that a small girl like her could be so talented and competitive. Many of Ash's opponents underestimate her. Ash has never lost a chess game to this day.

Early Life

When Ash was 2, she beat her father in a game of chess. Her father couldn't believe it and decided to help her become a champion, but she didn't need any help whatsoever in her chess skills. She beat everyone, young and old. People think that she is very small in size and they always underestimate her as an opponent, which she often finds useful. As soon as Ash won her fourth Chess World Championship in a row, she was accepted into the A.N.T. Program and later the Z-Tech Prodigy School.


Ash has straight, long, black hair and tanned skin. She has dark brown eyes. She is very short for her age, standing at 4'5 and is as skinny as a stick. Ash is Canadian and often wears Canadian shirts supporting her country.


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