ANT -5
Maggie Smith is a 16 year old teenager who is best friends with Jenni Raquel. Maggie's nick name is Maggs. She is roleplayed by Trixie19.


Maggie was born August 31. She has traveled the world. Maggie loves shopping in malls and playing video games. She does gymnastics and competes. She is very talkative and nice.

Early Life

As a long little girl age 5 she travled the world. First she went to Paris, France. "They have the best food ever!!" Maggie says. Next they went to Rome, Ittaly. "Best pasta!" Maggie says. Japan was next. Maggie was in Toyko, Japan. Next at the age of 6 she visited Egypt. She said "We are not going to go any where else until I see all the pyramids!!!!!" So that's what they did walked through every single pyramid. Then they went snow boarding in Canada at age 9.


Maggie has long strawberry blonde hair. A shining smile and perfect pink cheeks. She has a great sense of style. She has her ears are pierced and she wears earings all the time.