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Kennedy Cannella is a twelve-year-old A.N.T. who attends Webster High. His roleplayer is LivvyLove17.


Kennedy "Ken" Cannella was born on December 22, 2000.  He is the health prodigy at the A.N.T. Farm.  He knows lots about health and healing. He even has his own supply of Tylenol in his locker for anyone who is sick! Ken even helps out every Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday in the health room! Ken is also very intelligent and loves learning about the Columbian Exchange and foreign diseases. His mom is a famous surgical doctor, and his dad is a nurse. His best-friend is Delilah Roll!

Early Life

Ken always played with his faux doctor kit when he was 1. He gave everyone he saw "booster shots" with his fake needless needle from hs kit, even his cat! When is cat bit him he would even know how to correctly apply Neosprn and put on a bandaid. When Kennedy was eight, his parent's both signed him up for male modeling. He loved doing it, but still had more of a passion for healing. He has always hoped to become a world famous doctor and find a cure for cancer! Kennedy is very sweet and his best-friend is Delilah Roll.


Ken has curly brownish-reddish hair that his mom always straightens for him. He has freckles aon his cheekbones and ice blue eyes that turn green when he is emotional. He has muscular arms, and a start of a six-pack.





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