Jada Raquel is a 12-year-old A.N.T. who attends Webster High. Her roleplayer is LivvyLove17.


Jada Ana Raquel was born on July 27, 2000. She was born as a younger sister to Jason Raquel and Jenni Raquel. She was always babied in the family and was teased by her older brother. She was always singing and playing instruments since she could talk! She loves to perform and applied for Webster. A few weeks ago, she got accepted into the Z-Tech Prodigy School.

Early Life

Jada began singing as soon as she could talk. She made songs into everything. She could play all instruments by age 4. She had composed a musical by age 6. She made her whole family proud. Her two older siblings are dancers so she played music for them. She was put into the A.N.T. Farm as soon as she could. She now makes music happily there.


Jada has brown hair and brown eyes. She has full lips and tan skin. She is pretty sure that Cameron Kennedy has a crush on her.





Jada Raquel Singing "Tailor Made"03:44

Jada Raquel Singing "Tailor Made"

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