Drew Gregory is a dancing prodigy. She is 14 years old. She is a professional dancer who dances every type of dancing especially tap, ballet, hip-hop, and jazz. She has only gone to professional dancing schools.


Drew Gregory is a 14-year-old dancing prodigy born on June 16, 2000. She is an excellent dancer who started dancing at the age of 1. Almost as soon as she was born she was able to walk. She has very strong legs with remarkable flexibility. Drew started ballet at the age of one and has continued ever since, tap at the age of 2, hip-hop at the age of 3, and jazz at the age of 3. Her mother was a ballerina and her father was a Olympic gymnast. She takes after both of her parents with flexibility and dancing. Drew's favorite subject is Language Arts. Drew loves being in limelight. She tried out for cheerleading for a while, but she hated it! She excells in gymnastis too but has her heart in dancing more. Drew was also put into advanced gymnastics by the age of 4. Drew makes friends with boys very easily and is sometimes seen tomboyish by some people. She makes a very cute couple with Joseph Clark! Drew has competed in and won on numerou occasions the Young American Grand Prix, a special competition for young dancers wishing to become professionals. Drew Gregory is good at gymnastics and Arriana Clark should not care. All dancers are flexible and Drew's father was an Olympic gold medalst in gymnastics. Anyone can be good at gymnastics. She does not own it even though she thinks she does. Thank you for reading.

Early Life

Drew was able to walk almost as soon as she was born. Her parent's flexibiliy was combined for her legs. Her mother wanted her daughter to take after her, so she enrolled her in ballet as soon as Drew was able to. Drew was the smallest and youngest in her class, but she was the best. She was taken to advanced ballet, then a year later she started tap. She was the same with tap, and later hip-hop and jazz. She was also enrolled in gymnastics with her father when she was 2. However, she didn't make it into advanced gymnastics until the age of 4. Drew has become extremely flexible and a true A.N.T.! Her father was an Olympic gold meadalist in gymnasics and her mother was a famous Broadway dancer. Drew was on Oprah and Ellen by the age of 3! She was also in the documentry: First Position! She has competed in and won 1st place in the Young American Grand Prix by the age of 9, the youngest age you can be!


Drew is extremely skinny due to her excersising over the years. She is also beautiful. She has long, dark brown and shining blue eyes. She has baby soft pink lips. She looks beautiful with makeup and dresses for her recitals. She loves being in the spotlight. Joseph Clark is her boyfriend.




Drew's Schedule
Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
9:45-10:00 A.N.T. Room A.N.T. Room A.N.T. Room A.N.T. Room A.N.T. Room
10:00-10:45 Drama Advanced L/A S.S. Advanced L/A Advanced Science
10:45-11:00 Music S.S. Free Time Art S.S.
11:00-12:00 Advanced Science Advanced Science Math S.S. Music
12:00-1:00 Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch
1:00-1:45 Math Art Technology Free Time Math
1:45-2:00 Technology Math Advanced L/A Technology Advanced Science
2:00-3:00 A.N.T. Room A.N.T. Room A.N.T. Room A.N.T. Room

A.N.T. Room