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Callie Bryer is a 15 year old teenager who is best friends with Kristina Joel and Annemarie Duvail. She loves hanging out with her friends and having a great time. She is roleplayed by Trixie19.


Callie was born on September 28th. She is the one of the best best dancers out of the whole school besides Drew Gregory. She competes in her dancing and loves it. Callie has many medals and ribbons. She is a fun loving girl who loves friends and good times. She is very talkative and sweet. She is friends with pretty much everyone except for mean old Tiffany Atlas.

Early Life

Callie was always a cute little kid. She always said "Hi! My name is Callie Bryer what is yours?" When she met someone. When she was four she met her best-friend Kristina Joel at preschool. Callie said "Hi! My name is Callie. I want to go to dance class. Do you take dance too?" And were best-friends since that day on. She discovered her love for dancing at the age of three and danced in competitions since then. Also she has been on TV many times for her dancing when she was only 4!!!


Callie has soft blonde curls that come down to the middle of her back. Her bright blue eyes always bring in everyone's attention. Callie is one of the most prettiest girls at Webster except for Tiffany Atlas . Callie is very skinny because of her dancing.





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