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Ava Lions is a actin prodigy. She is 12 years old. Mat Lions is her younger (by 3 days) adopted brother. She is a professional actress. Ava is a roleplayed by Trixie19.


Ava Lions is an acting prodigy. Her birthday is January 27. Mat Lions is her younger brother. She is older by 3 days because he was adopted.Her mom loves making movies which got Ava into acting at the age of 3. After the first lead role she played, ABC asked her to be a part in a TV. Yes was the only thing she could say (she had been watching that channel forever). Her acting role grew even bigger than before. Everyone wanted Ava to be in their movie, TV show or magazine cover. Also Ava has very many pets that are also in movies with her. She mostly has cats, dogs, rabbits, birds, chinchillas, and other cute animals.

Early Life

Ava's love of acting came to her the age of 3. Her mom has been movie makers for 10 years. She always copied what the actor or actress on TV did so her Mom got the idea they put her in movies. She was perfect! Everyone loved the movies Ava was in. She was known worldwide the age of only 4! Also Ava was born with no father.


Ava Lions has brown hair and a white parting. She has dark brown eye brows and deep blue eyes. Ava has light pink lips and a great smile. She almost always wears clothes from justice.