ANT -1

AnneMarie Duvail is a 13-year-old prodigy for sports. She can do any sport-- just name it. AnneMarie is a bit of a tomboy and she loves superheroes, especially Wolverine. Her favorite subject is P.E. Her roleplayer is Trixie19.


Annemarie Duvail is a sports prodigy. Her birthday is October 25, 1999. She is the sports prodigy. Her parents both loved sports and they played competetively. They were both in the Olympics and they both won many gold medals. Annemarie's goal is to earn some gold medals when she is able to compete. She can play all sports and even invents her own. She is also a skilled reporter. Her family is very supportive in everything she does.

Early Life

Annemarie's interest for sports started as soon as she could hold a ball. About 9 months after she was born, she was up and running. As soon as she started school she outran everybody in Phys. Ed. Annemarie and her dad attended many comic conventions and they watched nearly every Marvel supermain video, episode, or T.V. special. Annemarie was discovered for reporting in a class project in 5th grade where she was reporting the high school's football game. She now is on the red carpet reporting for various occasions, including meeting One Direction! Annemarie is now in the A.N.T. Farm, showing off her talents.


Annemairie is a nice looking 13 year old girl. She has curly brown hair and brown eyes. She has full pink lips and a cute smile. She is skinny due to being an athlete. She is probably the most competitive and active athlete in Webster High.